Move to Wyoming Among Options to Reduce Class Sizes in Florida Schools

We all get that small classes are better. The idea is simple: reduce the number of kids in a class and you greatly improve teaching and learning. After all, who would argue that a 20-person classroom isn't better than a tiny-tot sweat shop?

But reducing class size isn't cheap, and Broward and Palm Beach counties paid millions in fines this year for not reducing them enough. So while Florida continues to struggle with how to reduce classroom sizes, we've come up with a few ideas to solve the problem.

3. Move to Wyoming
If we could just convince our county's rednecks to make the move to this charming, Midwest state, we'd all be a lot better off. As the country's least populated state, with an estimated total population of 563,626 in April of 2010, we're pretty sure you'll never have to worry about overcrowded classrooms.

2. Head Back Home 
Chances are, the education your kids will get wherever you immigrated from is actually better than the school system here in Florida. Enough said.

1. Home Schooling 
With so much of our county's jobless population living off unemployment checks and collecting food stamps, we see the perfect opportunity to make a positive contribution to society. Rather than spend your days watching Jerry Springer and guzzling down six-packs, we suggest all those out-of-work parents do something constructive with their free time. What better way to spend some quality time with your kids than to teach them how to read your unpaid utility bills, count your empty beer bottles, and paint over the foreclosure sign in the front yard.

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