Mug-Shot Friday: Special Christmas Edition

Ahhhh, the holidays. A time for family, unhealthy amounts of booze, a lot of sports on TV, and more booze. So, basically, the perfect combination for trouble. But while you're at home bickering with Sis or putting your cousin in a headlock, keep in mind that for some unfortunate souls out there, the Xmas revelry ends with criminal charges. Here, in his special holiday edition of Mug-Shot Friday, we look at recent holiday arrests. Cheers.

Hey, Mom, look: I'm on Mug-Shot Friday!

You really need to click on this to really understand this mug shot.

Look at this one of two ways: Either the future of humanity is extremely bleak, or the new Mad Max movie is already inspiring some hard-core fan boys.

The problem with that haircut is you can't have cats then. They just are always trying to rub up on it.

The most thuggin' dude at the comic con.

The second most thuggin' dude at the comic con.

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