Mug-Shot Friday: Special Halloween Edition

You spoke, we listened. Back by popular demand, welcome to this week's Mug-Shot Friday, a longstanding franchise focusing on the week's most eye-catching mugs from South Florida's tat heads, tough guys, derp faces, and femmes fatale.

In the spirit of Halloween, this week we tried to round up the scariest faces we could. Try getting a good night sleep with some of these mugs floating around your dreamscape -- reminders that these people are in fact out there, bumping around feloniously in the night. Muhahahahahahahahaha. Enjoy.

Arrested: 10/22 Charges: Burglary with assault or battery. Not as in the Hitchcock film, we're guessing.

Arrested: 10/27 Charges: Trespassing on an unoccuptied structure, battery, resisting an officer without violence. Everyone began to worry a little when Trent refused to leave the Sigma Chi house after spring semester. But it wasn't until after the building was condemned and the other brothers moved across campus that the real strange stuff started happening. Soon, we realized Trent had never left his old room in the basement. Ever. He just stayed in there 24/7, brewing endless batches of the frat's patented holiday punch, listening to "The End" by the Doors on repeat. They say he was still in there when the bulldozers tore the building down.

Arrested: 10/26 Charges: DUI, operating motor vehicle without valid license. Scary, as in: "Hi Jimmy, look I know you've been having a hard time since daddy moved out, but I want you to meet Glenn. Mommy and Glenn are special friends, and he's going to be spending a lot of time at the condo now. Okay, honey?"

Arrested: 10/16 Charges: Petite theft. Massive cocaine booger or . . . ectoplasmic slime?

Arrested: 10/28 Scary, as in: You wake up next to her. She's wearing your Great Aunt Trudy's wedding ring. Babies are crying in the next room. There are Quiet Riot lyrics tattooed on your right forearm. The alarm on your Metro PCS phone didn't go off again. You're an hour late for a meeting with your parole officer. This is your life.

Arrested: 10/30 The Norwegians warn of an orgasm that is so cripplingly powerful that the faces of mere mortal men are frozen forever by the ecstasy. Beware, my friends, beware.

Arrested: 10/24 Intense, right? If you took a couple centuries of female scorn and disappointment, ran that stuff through a centrifuge for a few months, you'd have a weapons-grade stare like this one.

Arrested: 10/25 Charges: Domestic battery by strangulation, battery, first degree murder. In all seriousness, we spent a good long while shuffling through all the mugs we could find, looking for the scariest face. This lady was the stone cold winner. The first degree murder rap also helps.

Arrested: 10/26 Charges: Retail theft. Annnnnnnnd Happy Halloween.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.