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Mug-Shot Monday: Demonic Possession, Jam Band Fans, Nazi Bonus Round

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Arrested: 11/10 I once was stuck on an airplane out of Denver, waiting out a snowstorm on the runway. Phish played the night before at Red Rocks. My section was filled with fans. After an hour of debating the sound quality of the '93 North American tour versus the recent European dates, someone got out an ukulele. Thus began a group sing of "Waste." Homeland security carried me off the plane in handcuffs. They eventually knocked the assault charges down to disorderly conduct, time served. Looking back, all those Phish fans, they looked exactly like this guy.

Arrested: 11/7 Some cleric error, this must be. Somebody accidently slipped a headshot from a casting call for a young dad in a Pepcid AC commercial into the mug-shot database. That, or Bobby Brady grew up, moved to South Florida, and ran into the Law.

Arrested: 11/9 Okay whatever you do . . . don't lock ey . . . damn it, it's too late. You looked into her eyes, didn't you? Alright, I'll go around back, grab a newborn goat and a bushel of thyme. We'll have this curse cleared up in no time.

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