Mug-Shot Monday: Frat Bros Gone Bad

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Thank You, Sir, May I Have Another? This is sad. Kid this young should be paddling frosh in the Pike house basement between dominating the beer pong table and thinking of new names for the frat's latest beer bong. Sudsy Stella broke after last week's rager.

My Kind of Frat Bro Now Cyrus here, he's the kind of SEC school frat dude you want around you when shit goes ham at the barbecue joint. Cyrus fights dirty. He bites ears.

Amateur Hour Nothing is more embarrassing than when some youngster gets all amped up for his first mug shot, here we go it's happening big time now, breaks out in a big ol' grin, only he's forgotten to put in his grill. Next time, kid. You'll have another shot at mean-mouthing the camera. Next time.

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Kyle Swenson
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