Mug-Shot Monday: Halloween Edition

Sure, technically Halloween is for the ghouls and ghosts, but we know who's really bumping out there in the night: people knee-deep into their worst behavior. To mark the festivities, we combed through recent arrests for a special Halloween edition of Mug-Shot Monday. Enjoy the drunk derp faces, failed costumes, and general sleep-spoiling scariness.

The All-Points Bulletin for this arrest: Be on the lookout for Sexy, Blood-Weeping Zombie Bride.

Satanic possession -- or really, really good blow.

It would be hoping beyond hope that this is just a press-on temp tattoo for the holiday.

Nope, not Halloween. More of a Dia de los Muertos fan.

If you cast a magic spell that made the State of Florida come alive in human form, this is what you'd get.

If you're a dude, you might know this bummer: Wait months to grow out the beard, just to shave it down to a goofy stache for Halloween. So much work, so little payoff.

Someone sees dead people.

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