Mug-Shot Monday: Peyton Manning Ruined Your Cocaine Binge

You spoke, we listened. Back by popular demand, welcome to this week's Mug-Shot Monday, a longstanding franchise focusing on the week's most eye-catching mugs from South Florida's tat heads, tough guys, derp faces, and femmes fatale.

Straight Muggin' Taking the whole idea of "mug" shot pretty literally here, aren't we?

Game Over Not to get too meta here, but we're pretty sure the "Game Over" is just a signal to the mug-shot-aficionado community: Game over, it's done, you'll never find a better mug shot, so just stop looking.

"Good evening, Mr. Bond." This guy needs to be sitting on a big steel throne in a chalet in the Swiss Alps, petting a white cat while droning on about lazar satellites and world domination.

The Coolest Mom in the Neighborhood Remember the mom from the neighborhood who all the kids thought was cool -- let you stay up late at sleepovers, watch rated-R movies, didn't care if you drank in the basement, wore the same crop tops as her daughter? This is how she ends up. The horror. The horror.

Sexy Superpowers The crime? Being so damned handsome that bank tellers, gas station attendants, and jewelers simply empty out the safes after this dangerous SOB bats his eyelashes.

The Most Interesting Man in the World I don't always freebase, but when I do, I do it for seven days straight.

X-Ray Man Finally, a neck tat with some practical application. This guy is a big hit every semester on show-and-tell day in Ms. Rivera's seventh-grade anatomy class.

The "Greatest" Quarterback of All Time? This is the scowl of a man who had ten large on Denver. Put on his best M&Ms shirt to watch the game.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.