Mug-Shot Monday: Prison Tattoos and Jedi Hair

You spoke; we listened. Back by popular demand, welcome to Mug-Shot Monday, a longstanding New Times franchise focusing on the week's most eye-catching mugs from South Florida's tat heads, tough guys, derp faces, and femmes fatale. Click on and enjoy.

Home-state Pride Some of us get those special in-state vanity plates. Some fly the state flag from the porch eaves. Some of us ruin all our future job opportunities with elaborate neck art.

Making it Stay That scene from Something About Mary . . . ew.

Magic Eye Stare long and hard, don't look away, relax your eyes. Yup, no, you're not crazy. You'll see a pair of koala bears splashing around in a waterfall.

Marry Me, Tank Girl And we'll happily in a trailer off the highway, reading comic books all day and raising a whole precious brood of skate-punks.

"Hey, You Down on the Other End of the Table" "Stop hogging the veal cutlet. And will you pass the fucking sea salt already?"

Spirit Animal? Lion.

Young Jedi As every scholar of the Old Republic knows, Jedi padawa's would rock that same little dangle of hair. This guy is obviously a big Clone Wars fan.

Not One to Mess With You don't have to see too many episodes of Lockdown to know that whatever this guy did to earn those tats, you don't want to find out.

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