Mug-Shot Monday: Valentine's Day Edition

Oh yes. The Monday after Valentine's Day. You're probably either still basking in that lovey-dovey afterglow or you're in day two of the kind of epic, soul-killing hangover that comes from pounding Miller Lites alone in an efficiency apartment while looking at your ex's honeymoon pics on Facebook (uh, or something like that, we're guessing). But no fear. Someone out there had a worse haul than you. As with any holiday, here at Pulp we're celebrating V-Day by combing through recent mug shots for the very weirdest South Florida has to offer. Enjoy.

THE PERILS OF ONLINE DATING "Mom and Dad, I want you to meet Bernice. We met last week. She's really into role-playing games and Marxist literary theory. She's helped me open my eyes to the evils of the worldwide patriarchy. So I'm dropping out of dental school, Mom and Dad. Bernice and I are moving to L.A."

ON THE SECOND DATE, WHEN HE DOESN'T WEAR A TURTLENECK THIS TIME And then he invites you to come to the Jars of Clay release party at the Christian skateboard park.

BLUE STEEL If there were an X-Man whose mutant power was dissolving middle-age Harry Connick Jr. fans into hypnotized slaves, this would be that X-Man.

OHHHHHHHH I SEE "I thought when we said, 'No gifts for Valentine's Day,' we actually meant 'no gifts.' Ahhh. Yeah. Sorry about that. Thanks for the iPad, though."

IT'S A TATTOO-OFF "I'll see your AK-47, Stitches. And I'll raise you a forehead. Your move."

A FONDUE IS WHAT? "So let me get this straight. It's chocolate, melted chocolate, right? And they charge you that much for it?"

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.