Mug-Shot Monday: You Survived the Holidays and All You Got Was This Mug Shot

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A Lot of Children Were Disappointed This Year When Santa was a no-show on Christmas Eve, the Elves began to talk among themselves. Some openly proclaimed that there was no problem, that the big man had been going to his meetings and seemed to be handling the work stress well. Others... well, they whispered Santa had been heading for a relapse for some time. The signs were all there.

"Jesus, You Got Me Another Waterpik?" This guy was not very happy when he opened his gift on Christmas morning.

Family Christmas Dinner Squabble Timmy always knows the best way to provoke his twin Tommy. This year, it was one too many cracks about the faux-hawk. It got ugly. The turkey was used as a weapon. Aunt Alice called the police. Surprisingly, that faux-hawk stayed in place.

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