Murder Suspect James Ayers Gave Himself a Chest Tattoo That Says "Sicker Than Most"

It's not clear in the mug shot of 32-year-old James Ayers what is written on his chest -- all you can make out is "Than M." But Ayers, who was arrested on first-degree murder charges March 29, has a Facebook profile -- and it reveals what the rest of the ink says.

The man, who police say told at least two people that he strangled 19-year-old Juliana Mensch and left her body locked in a Fort Lauderdale bedroom for a week, tattooed "Sicker Than Most" across his chest, himself, with a homemade tattoo gun, according to a post on his Facebook.

And here's the picture, posted last October with the comment "Did half of it myself with a homemade tattoo gun":

Maybe it's an Eminem reference; it could be a reference to drug and alcohol recovery (he was arrested at a rehab center); it could be that those were the easiest letters to tattoo upside down.

His "About Me" section also talks about how he's reforming from a "not-so-good" lifestyle:
Ive been living a "not-so-good" lifestyle for a long time. I used to brag about things ive done that I now regret. I've treated myself worse than I'd EVER let anyone else treat me.I have had my freedom taken from me and I'm not OK with it. Its amazing how much you miss those creature comforts when they are suddenly taken from you. As of recently, I've decided to make a change. I try to practice honesty now, as hard as it may be considering how I WAS living. I no longer hurt people (on purpose) for my own benefit. The "Outlaw" lifestyle is overrated. I no longer look up to people that society looks down on. I have renewed my FAITH in my GOD, and strive to live a better life. I want to thank those few who have NEVER turned their backs on me (you know who you are), and my friends that continue to guide me in my new journey......I love all of you, new and old!
That's a lot of qualifiers about no longer hurting people.

As for that lifestyle, Ayers was charged with burglary, theft, cocaine possession, and grand theft at various times between 2002 and 2009.

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