Mysterious Candidates to Be Questioned in Suit, Rare Benevolent Lawyer Steps Up

Mysterious Candidates to Be Questioned in Suit, Rare Benevolent Lawyer Steps Up

A judge has cleared the way for the Green Party to figure out who's behind the Florida Five, a group of mysterious Green Party candidates who ran in contested races across the state last November. Most of the Florida Five were broke young people who couldn't have afforded the couple thousand dollars needed to register, meaning they were probably put up to run by the Republican Party. It's either that or they all won the Florida Lottery's new scratch-off game in which the winner gets to be a candidate for the Green Party.

The judge's recent ruling means the Green Party will get to question under oath Sarah Roman, who ran for a state House seat in Pasco County but never did any real politics stuff besides, you know, spending a couple thousand to become a candidate. If you're worried that the 22-year-old

from Port Richey has found herself in a Jesse Ventura-style world of hurt, don't, because Roman's got herself a high-powered lawyer named Jeff Lucas. Lucas told the St. Petersburg Times:

Even with the court's order, the Green Party's "fishing expedition" would lead nowhere. He also suggested the ruling would encourage frivolous complaints, which the Legislature moved to curtail a couple of years ago.

So how did a 22-year-old broke Pasco County girl afford lawyer Jeff Lucas to represent her? Scratch-off tickets, perhaps?

The most logical answer is what we all know about lawyers, that they're benevolent people willing to give away their services Ghandi-style.

But no. Lucas is a big-time GOP dude, a former head of the Pasco County Republican Party, donor to political campaigns including those of Gov. Charlie Crist and President Bush, and financial supporter to fine institutions such as the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Republican Party of Florida.

It would be easy here to jump to conclusions that the GOP is behind the Florida Five and that's why one of their own is representing Roman. But, um, yeah, I guess that's exactly what happened. 

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