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NAACP Blows Smoke


The NAACP doesn't have anything better to do? What does Judge Korda's pot arrest have to do with the advancement of colored people?

Yeah, this one's perplexing -- and a bit overplayed, I think, by the Sentinel. The Miami Herald's Nikki Waller and Kathleen McGrory hit the right tone in their article, taking us to the park and trying to question Korda about the arrest at the courthouse (he was mum but "cordial" -- which I can tell you is journalistic code for "stoned out of his mind"), and reporting the weird NAACP action lower down. The Sentinel poll asks readers if Korda, should the marijuana charge stick, be allowed to remain on the bench. 41 percent say "yes" -- which is, uh, higher than I would have expected. Next question: Should marijuana be legalized? Let's see the numbers.

Quote of the day comes from one of our most colorful defense lawyers, Fred Haddad: "With all the problems going on on the bench, who cares if

he's smoking a joint? This is the tragedy of the non-legalization of pot."

Call it the TNLP. Oh and this guy from Sentinel comments wants to do a smoke-in at the park this weekend:

"think we ought to have a smoke in every weekend at the same park in support of this man. maybe this can be the beginning of marijuana reform in our great country. we keep putting a stigma on people for something so petty. i mean they didn't even take him to jail, they just gave him a ticket. legalize it NOW!!! i'll be there this weekend, who wants to join me. we can become a movement, there is strength in numbers."

3-1 he forgets to show up.

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