Naked Bed-and-Breakfast Place Upsetting Neighbors

Brevard County bed-and-breakfast Alta Vista Hilltop Retreat provides a relaxing spot for guests looking to get away from it all by spending some time in the large pool, hot tub, and sundeck, all while being stark-raving naked.

But neighbors who live in the Cocoa subdivision near the resort are organizing against the joint that the owner calls a "naked hangout club."

The neighbors say the resort draws too many people and is obscene.

And also, they claim to be disturbed all the noisy gay sex that allegedly happens there.

Some of the neighbors angry at all the nudity told WESH.com that over the past month, there have "been maybe over 300 cars across the street."

One neighbor claims to have heard men having sex. And while this person did not see the acts happening, he says he has a "problem with the noise."

Alta Vista Hilltop Retreat's owner would not speak with WESH.com on camera but says that the place gets guests about three times a week.

The main problem the resort may run into isn't complaints about all the gay sex noise but the law. A bed and breakfast is apparently not allowed in a residential neighborhood without a permit.

As it turns out, the naked hangout club has no such permit.

The resort, which costs guests $99 a night (cheap!), advertises itself as overlooking Kennedy Space Center, with views of every launch pad (heyoooohhh). It also advertises itself as gay-friendly with an enthusiastic "Gay clientele welcome!"


Code enforcement officers are currently investigating the situation.

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