Name Game: Sarah Palin Worship Blog Fears All Jonathans in Wasserman Schultz Office

Every so often, there's a news event that suggests (or proves?) that the modern media is making the world an even more confusing place. This week, the office of West Broward Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced that former Politico.com writer Jonathan Allen had been hired as an aide. Pretty straightforward, right?

Fumble-rooski, after the jump.

Except Wasserman Schultz is a liberal member of Congress, which makes her haters on the right wing eager for conspiracy theories. Example: Texas for Sarah Palin. That blog reported that "Democratic party hack" Jonathan Martin had left Politico.com to join the office of "ultraliberal congress critter" Wasserman Schultz. It corrected itself yesterday, only to accuse Allen of being a "Democratic party hack."

The error could have been avoided if that Palin blog had known yet another Jonathan -- this one with the surname of Beeton -- who is Wasserman Schultz's press secretary and who wrote the release about Allen joining the congresswoman's Capitol Hill team.

But it seems Politico is a good sport. Columnist Ben Smith gave Sarah Palin for Texas a plug yesterday, naming the Jonathan mix-up post the "Flame of the Day."

If only all parents were as smart like Sarah Palin herself, naming kids "Bristol" and "Trig" and "Track" and "Piper" and "Willow." Then foofaraws like this one could be avoided.

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