Nan Rich Now Weighs in on Super Committee Failure, Scolds Rick Scott, GOP Policies

Now that Florida's Senate minority leader has released a statement responding to Gov. Rick Scott's comments on the Super Committee's failure to compromise on how to make $1.2 billion in spending cuts, it's getting a little ridiculous.

Nan Rich, a Weston Democrat, issued a response to the governor's statement on the committee's do-nothing decision, which wasn't as partisan of a statement as one would typically expect from the governor.

Rich briefly blamed Republicans for the Super Committee's failure but spent more time blaming the governor for what's going on in Florida than what's happening in Washington.

Still, this never-ending blame game is now being played from Capitol Hill down to minority leadership in state legislatures.

"It was extremely disappointing to read Republican Governor Rick Scott's statement on the breakdown of 'Super Committee' talks," Rich says. "They stalled because of Democrats' refusal to agree to more concessions for the wealthiest Americans -- and allow another hit to the middle and working classes."

Let's get to the part where Rich rips on the governor:

As a grandmother of three, I, too, share the concern for our grandchildren. The Republican agenda has left a heavy burden on our children and the children that follow. Florida has been at the epicenter for failed economic policies that have come at the expense of working Floridians. If Governor Scott is serious, he might begin by admitting the GOP economic policies have not worked for the vast majority of Floridians; that his catering to the wealthiest corporations does nothing to create well-paying jobs; and that gutting spending for the basics, including education, health care and safety nets for our most vulnerable fails to justify Republican lopsided priorities.

Add in the Democratic talking point:

A balanced approach to the budget, whether in Tallahassee or Washington, should be done in a way that helps our economy to grow, and asks those who have benefitted the most, to pay their fair share.

Now we have a great reason to recycle this picture:

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