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Nancy Grace To Cover West Palm Beach "Anti-Circumcision Mom" Tonight

Update, March 12: Christo Taoushiani.Associate Producer for Nancy Grace, says "Nancy ended up going long on our other topics and we sadly didn't get to it... its not 100% for sure until we tape it!" He said they could return to the story another day.

Original story: By now you have most likely heard of Heather Hironimus, the West Palm Beach mom that has been on the run with her 4-year-old since the day he was set to undergo a circumcision.

Well if you haven't yet, you're about to, because tonight the story gets the Nancy Grace treatment on HLN. The story of Hironimus and her refusal to show up to court on numerous occasions -- even when ordered by a judge -- is set to be among the things Grace covers on her 8 p.m. show tonight.

Hironimus has been hit with three contempt motions, and a judge has asked law enforcement to find her. Her attorney has said she is staying at a domestic violence shelter but did not specify which one. Dennis Nebus, the father of the child, had his lawyers push for further action to get Hironimus back in Palm Beach in order to continue the case.

Hironimus' lawyer, Thomas Hunker, has said the child is afraid of the procedure "and that's why the mother was looking out to protect the child's rights." Nebus, though, has alluded to the boys fears only being a result of Hironimus' using "scare tactics" on the boy.

The case has drawn particular interest from activists who say that circumcision is a matter that should be decided by boys only when they are old enough to consent. They point out that it was first popularized in America as a cure for masturbation, and is considered barbaric in regions like Europe and Australia. Jews see circumcision as part of a covenant with God.

Nancy Grace staff said that guests scheduled for tonight's show -- which gets taped a few hours before its 8 p.m. airtime -- include an attorney, a psychologist, and the founder of Intact America.

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