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National Marriage Campaign Coming to Wilton Manors This Saturday

Despite the good news delivered by Chief Judge Luis Garcia this week, allowing gay couples like Aaron Huntsman and William "Lee" Jones to marry in Monroe County, the rest of Florida still awaits a similar day.

Thanks to Skyy Vodka and, well, freedom, awareness is going to be raised for this cause on Saturday, July 27, in Wilton Manors. Oh, and there's a special drink available.

Freedom to Marry (a national organization dedicated to "winning marriage nationwide") and Skyy Vodka are combining to host fundraising events in Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia, Columbus, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco through August.

The event -- called #ToastToMarriage -- will raise awareness for gay marriage, and throughout each city's events, professional photographers will snap portraits of couples toasting in support of marriage equality.

On Monday July 16, the campaign kicked off in Atlanta with former 'NSync member and current activist Lance Bass linking arms with his fiancé, Michael Turchin, leading an attempt at the Guinness World Record for the Largest Arms-Linked Toast. The record was previously 260 people, but Bass and 277 others locked arms to set a new high. The campaign submitted word to Guinness Records and is awaiting a reply.

"The attempt with Lance was fabulous," spokesperson Ani Istanboulian told New Times. "Joined by his fiancé Michael Turchin and Latrice Royale at the W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta, Lance led the linked-arm toast with 278 people raising a Toast To Marriage."

"We know that the more Americans talk about gay families and why marriage matters, the more our national majority for marriage grows in every part of the country," Evan Wolfson, president of Freedom to Marry, said in a news release. "Through partnerships like the SKYY Vodka 'Toast to Marriage' campaign, Freedom to Marry aims to spark more conversations in states where marriage discrimination persists, highlighting that unfairness and helping grow support for bringing the freedom to marry home nationwide."

In addition to raising awareness and taking photos, a special cocktail for the campaign has been created. It's called the Skyy Vodka Proposal, and it includes the following:

2 oz. Skyy vodka 4 oz. ginger ale 1/2 oz. lime juice 3 dashes Angostura bitters Garnish with two limes

The drink will be available at the events throughout the summer and in bars nationwide later this year. To attend the event, send your RSVP to [email protected]

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