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Naugle Remembered for Packing Heat and His Complete Inability to Predict Future

Classic Naugle: The mayor says he became aware of gay sex in his backyard.

Revelers in Fort Lauderdale will be drinking rainbow-colored beer and wearing sexy Leprechaun outfits today to celebrate one thing: the day super anti-gay Mayor Jim Naugle leaves office. It's too easy, thought, to bash the guy for thinking homosexuality is a crime when there's so much other glaring buffoonery in his past. Specifically I'm looking at this interview from eight years ago with the Daily Pulp's Bob Norman, in which Naugle reveals that he has literally no ability to predict the future.

Take politics, for instance, where Naugle reveals his Republican-in-Rush-Limbaugh-skin leanings:

Norman: Who's your favorite President?
Naugle: George W. Bush is going to be my favorite President.

So, Naugle, how'd that work out for you? Then there's his prediction of the long-term growth of South Florida real estate:

Norman: You're a millionaire, correct?
Naugle: Yeah. In Fort Lauderdale I think it's hard not to be a millionaire, if you buy and hold.

In today's dollars, that million is probably now worth a foreclosure, a bank auction, and a Broward Boulevard cardboard bed. Naugle really shows his GOP blood when talking about Bill:

Norman: What are your thoughts on Bill Clinton?
Naugle: Is there a statute of limitation on rape?
Norman: Do you think he's guilty of rape?
Naugle: I think it should be investigated. He abuses women.

Funny how that whole Lewinsky affair looks now compared with a president who takes the country to an unjust war, strips prisoners of their rights, and generally redefines political douchebaggery with the phrase Dick Cheney.

But besides the whole gay issue, Naugle will perhaps be remembered most for his love of firearms:

Norman: You have a concealed-weapons permit and carry a gun, right?
Naugle: When I feel the need.
Norman: When was the last time you felt the need?
Naugle: Yesterday.

Naugle's need to pack heat probably comes from his belief that there's so many criminal gays running around. But it's hard to fault him for the need to have a firearm when you consider that there's people in this world like Jim Naugle.

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