Naugle To Apologize?

The Sun-Sentinel is reporting that Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle is about to hold a press conference at city hall that will include an "apology."

Naugle's 1 p.m. press conference will preempt a rally scheduled for 4 p.m. by the Flush Naugle crowd calling for his resignation for his recent anti-gay remarks. The mayor has said he would never apologize for what he said and I believe him. I'm smelling a stunt here, people. Should be interesting.

ADDED: Here's a link to the Miami Herald report, as well.

ADDED: Yup, it was a stunt. From the Sun-Sentinel:

Mayor Jim Naugle issued a public apology on the steps of City Hall Tuesday afternoon, but it wasn't the apology the gay community was looking for.

Naugle apologized for underestimating the problem of men having sex with each other in public restrooms, and urged people to call police to complain when they come upon it. He also said Broward County leads the nation in the incidence of new AIDS cases involving men having sex with men, and questioned whether the county tourism office should be welcoming them here.

What's really funny is that the Herald, as evidenced by the link above, really believed Mayor Jim was going to bow down for the homersexuals. The guy is loving the attention and basically auditioning for his own radio show after he leaves office.

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