NBA Plans to Fine Floppers: Five of Lebron James' Greatest Flops

The NBA is finally taking a stand against grown men getting paid millions of dollars to act like giant babies whenever an opponent brushes up against them. 

Starting this season, floppers get fined. First flop equals a warning. Second flop leads to a $5,000 fine. Flop five times and the fine jumps to $30,000, or roughly the price of a new Nissan Altima. 

In honor of the rule, here are some of Lebron James' greatest flops. (I'm a Boston fan, so eat it, Floridians. Haters gonna hate. Oh, and have fun with Old Man Allen.)

Did he really have to fall to the ground afterward? He sold it with the dramatic snap of the neck. Hopefully Stern and his henchmen put a fine on winking. 


Kudos to the announcers for calling King James on this "extraordinary swan dive" and the refs for not taking the bait. 

OK -- there's not doubt this was a foul. And I certainly wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of a Tyson Chandler body check on the hardwood. But doesn't James care at all about not looking like a total pussbag in front of millions of viewers and his teammates? Apparently not.

And people blame Obama for making America look all namby-pamby on the world stage. 

Phew, glad to know it's a teamwide thing. 

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