Ndamukong Suh Calls Out NFL Reporter on Instagram After Dolphins Embarrassing Loss to Jets

The Miami Dolphins were slammed by the New York Jets on Sunday, to the tune of 38-20. But some foul news was percolating even before the Dolphins went out and played miserably against their hated rival. According to's Ian Rapoport, Ndamukong Suh gave his defensive teammates a pregame speech in which he basically told them most of them had no business being on the same field as him.

"I run this defense," Suh said, according to Rapoport's report. "I'm going to be here for the next five years. There is no guarantee any of you will be as well. Only a handful of guys are good enough to play with me right now."

Rapoport also says that Suh told the team the schemes were not good enough, the techniques were not enough and everyone needed to be better, "Follow me," Suh said, according to the NFL reporter.

Then the team went out and got its ass dented.

Following the game, Suh caught wind of the report and decided to respond via memes on social media, where he singled Rapoport out.


A photo posted by Ndamukong Suh (@ndamukong_suh) on


A photo posted by Ndamukong Suh (@ndamukong_suh) on

Rapoport says the team's reaction to Suh's speech was mixed.

"My understanding is the room was split," he reports. "Some saw this as the kind of address a leader would give. Others, just something they've never heard before." 

Whatever the reaction, it clearly wasn't enough, as the Dolphins' defense was manhandled by the Jets offense, which threw down 38 points and put up 137 combined yards against Miami on the ground. 

Back in September, the Miami Herald reported that Suh had stopped listening to coaches during a game and began freelancing during plays, causing chaos and confusion among other defensive players.

Suh was the Dolphins' biggest free-agent splash in years over the offseason, giving the big defensive tackle a whopping six-year, $114 million contract that has so far delivered the same old Dolphins along with seemingly petty memes directed at NFL reporters. 

It's also given the Dolphins their familiar spot of being near the bottom in the league in overall defensive rankings.  
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