Never Bet On Trent Green -- UPDATED IN COMMENTS

For those of you who want a good funny scoop you may not have seen yet, check out Todd Wright's piece on the theft of the Bobermobile. Will the intrigue of Hollywood politics never cease?

But that's not what this is about. This is about football. After an abysmal performance last week, I think I'm coming in stronger and more prepared this Sunday. Here are my Six Picks:

-- Oakland at Miami (-4) Last week, I went with the Jets and was right (though the spread made it a push). While the Dolphins didn't look that great until the fourth quarter, key offensive players like Ronnie Brown and Trent Green had pretty good days. Not expecting much from Culpepper, either. I think they're coming off the snide, though the four points makes me a little nervous. Pick: Miami

-- Green Bay (-1.5) at Minnesota Gotta stick with my Packers this week. Don't really see why they shouldn't stop rolling (though Adrian Peterson might have something to say about that). Pick: Green Bay

-- Pittsburgh (-6) at Arizona I'm not betting against the Steelers, even if the spread has grown to six. Roethlisburger and Willie Parker are both beautiful this year and I don't believe they're going to lose more than three games during the regular season. This won't be one of them and I think they'll be able to outdistance the Cards by at least a touchdown. Pick: Pittsburgh

-- Kansas City at San Diego (-11.5) San Diego will win this game, but the Chiefs have a knack for steering clear of the blowout. I'm looking for them to beat the spread. Pick: K.C.

-- Philadelphia (-3) at N.Y. Giants This one is tough to call, and that's a big reason that I gotta go with the Giants at home with the points. Though there was a lot of luck (damn luck!) in their victory over the Redskins last week, this is a team that could get on a roll. Depends on which Philly shows up though. Pick: Giants

-- New England (-7) at Cincinnati Yee haw! This should be a great Monday nighter. And it's time for Carson Palmer to explode. If it was six points, though, I'd probably go the other way. Pick: Cincinnati

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