New Anonymous E-Book Takes Aim at Stacy Ritter, Promises More Dirt on BSO

A new anonymous e-book that looks like it was penned by the same person (persons?) who published the e-book taking shots at the Broward Sheriff's Office last month.

You can buy the book on Lulu.com for $12.50, a $2.51 price hike from the BSO book. It looks like the book was officially published on January 31, but no one noticed; Red Broward picked up on it late last night.

There's no way to tell how many people have actually purchased the e-book; we can safely say the answer is at least one. In any case, it's billed as a "#1 South Florida political best seller." With Ritter up for reelection this year, she's probably hoping it doesn't become one.

We'll certainly go through the thing to look for anything interesting, but the anonymous "blography" of the BSO was mostly a collection of already-published articles. More to come.

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