New Details Released in Yvonne Oulton Murder

On the night that Yvonne Oulton was found dead in her minivan a few blocks from the Isle Casino in Pompano Beach, her husband, Robert, cooperated with investigators. But after reviewing video evidence, Broward Sheriff's Office detectives learned that his story didn't check out. And with that, Robert Oulton stopped cooperating and sought an attorney. He's been charged with murder.

Originally, Robert Oulton told investigators that his wife dropped him off at the casino late on the afternoon of Easter Sunday and that she was to pick him up there after paying a visit to her nephew. But he must not have realized he'd left behind video evidence, which BSO investigators used to construct the following scene:

Both Yvonne and Robert are seen on video going into their home. A short time later, they both get in the car and leave. Minutes after they leave, the van is seen once again entering the complex, but Yvonne is no longer in the passenger seat and never seen alive again. Robert goes into the house, changes clothes, and once again departs.

Another surveillance video obtained from a business captures the suspect as he drives the van into the parking lot of the warehouse and dumps the vehicle there with the body inside. Robert Oulton is seen walking away from the scene toward the casino, and later the casino surveillance captures him walking onto the premises.

Sounds like the work of an amateur. But it also sounds like Oulton was calculating in his cover-up. He told police that that night, he and his son embarked on a search for the minivan, finding it only after Oulton pressed the panic button on the van's key chain.

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