New Mayor of Deerfield Beach... and Already a Scandal

Not 24 hours after Peggy Noland won the Deerfield Beach mayoral race, she's already got a scandal on her hands. And no, I'm not talking about her son's election eve arrest on charges of stealing campaign signs of other mayoral candidates. Guess that should be "scandals," plural.

Multiple sources tell Juice that Deerfield Beach City Manager Mike Mahaney has recently launched an investigation into charges that members of the Deerfield Beach Fire-Rescue -- where both Noland's husband and son work -- were campaigning for her and Joe Miller while on the clock for the city.

We're told that Mahaney did find evidence to support this allegation. Here's a first-person report by local activist Bett Willett, who says she saw at least one worker wearing a campaign shirt over his uniform. We're also told that campaign material was found in the fire station.

I'm still waiting to hear back from Mahaney to confirm the investigation, its findings and whether the firefighters might be penalized.

Noland, of course, counted the firefighters among her most loyal supporters, but they were also the source of controversy. During an earlier stint as a Deerfield Beach commissioner Noland voted on contracts with the fire department when she ought to have recused herself. During this year's campaign she promised to recuse herself on issues involving the department. But judging by the vigor with which firefighters campaigned for her, they must have reason to believe she'll be able to help them in some other capacity.

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