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New Miami Dolphins Uniforms Leaked

After weeks of speculation and Twitter leaks and rumors and hearsay, it looks like the Miami Dolphins' new logo and uniforms have finally, for real this time, been leaked.

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According to Uni-Watch, the new Dolphins uniforms are new and very teal and very real.

Uni-Watch posted a photo of the new unis on Twitter and the look is, well, OK, we guess.

As you can see, the rumored white-on-white helmet color is a thing. White helmet, white face mask. Well, eggshell, anyway.

The helmet also features the new Sea World-like logo, which we wrote about back in March and which people immediately hated. There's also what appears to be a bright aqua stripe on top of the helmet. The same stripe runs down the side of the pants. So there's that.

It's more teal than aqua, although the team officially calls it "coral," but that's not a color, so screw it, it's fucking teal.

Maybe it's the lighting of the photo, but first impressions are that this thing is loud and bright and very lucid and crystalline teal to the point of retina burn. Perhaps this is to blind the opposition?

Either way, it is what it is, and it is this thing now.

Just in time for Draft Day too, when the Dolphins inevitably draft a lineman. And nothing will bring these colors out quite like a huge fat guy.

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