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New Roller Coaster Opening at Disney World May 28: The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Disney fanatics can hardly wait until May 28, when a new roller coaster is fully open to the public at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Orlando.

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train looks not unlike Thunder Mountain, with a train going over faux boulders.

The company described it thusly in a news release:

The attraction features an innovative new ride system that allows cars to pivot back and forth during the twists, turns, hills and drops of the ride. Riders pass through magical mountain scenery studded with red poppies and live oak, cedar and birch trees. At the midpoint of the attraction, guests enter a mine aglow with gems and scenes of the Dwarfs and frolicking forest creatures. Music from the film classic accompanies the journey. At ride's end, the cottage of the Dwarfs, replicated from the film to exacting detail by Walt Disney Imagineers, comes into view with a dancing Snow White visible through a window.

The ride, which completes an overhaul of Fantasyland, doesn't exactly look terrifying. See what it's like to ride on the train here:

Apparently, you can already schedule a FastPass to ride it, though some hard-core Disney fans are saying that those are booked through June and that they had trouble even after spending two hours trying to book their FastPass. (Yes, people spend hours planning their one-and-a-half-minute rides.)

One ray of hope: These people who are fanatical about Disney rides note that the park deems May 28 as the date the ride will be fully open, yet the company has been known to open rides sooner than announced for a so-called "soft opening" to work out glitches. So there may be a chance of hopping on sooner.

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