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Best of Broward / Palm Beach

New Times Best Of Readers' Poll 2009

For the dozen years we've been picking the best of Broward and Palm Beach and slapping it into one issue, we've asked our readers to vote blindly for your favorite local stuff. Yes, we tallied it fairly, throwing out repeat ballots by the same people and even issuing the occasional recount. But as far as you, the reader, knew, we were counting them Miriam Oliphant style, as in, not at all.

So this year, the New Times Broward-Palm Beach Readers' Poll is wide open. You'll vote by posting a comment onto blog items. You'll openly debate, and hopefully, decide amongst yourselves to find the best of Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Click on the links below to cast your vote.

Best Sports Bar 

Best Bar in Palm Beach

Best Bar in Broward

Best Local Album

Best Boutique

Best Band

Best Local Hip-Hop Artist

Best Club DJ

Best Album Store

Best Sex Toy Shop

Best Hair Stylist

Best Dance Club

Best Restaurant in Broward

Best Restaurant in Palm Beach

Best Hamburger

Best Pizza

Best Dolphins Player

Best Marlins Player

Best Heat Player

Best Park

Best Radio Personality

Best Journalist

Best Politician in Broward

Best Politician in Palm Beach

Best Performance Artist

Best Visual Artist

Best Museum

Best Theater Company

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