New Times Best Of Readers' Poll Voting Ends June 4

Six days. A lot can get done in six days.

God made the world in six days. Your aunt learned to bake in six days. And it probably took you six days to figure out that someone in Baton Rouge had stolen your identity and bought $1,500 worth of olive oil.

But now, in the next six days, you have something else to accomplish. Because on June 4, you will no longer be able to vote for your favorite local businesses, people, and places in our Best Of Readers' Poll.

And that's sad.

Even sadder than realizing that that person in Baton Rouge also just bought 400 limited-edition dildos under your name.

So please, if you haven't already, vote for your favorite bagel, strip club, hair salon, and many more things in our Best Of Readers' Poll.

We know you've been on hold with Capital One for the last three weeks trying to explain that you have no interest in 400 customized Ben Affleck vibrators, but your favorite places in Broward and Palm Beach would really appreciate it if you could find some time to click on their names.

And once you do finally get that whole sex-toy mess figured out, make sure to grab a copy of our Best Of issue when it hits stands on June 19. And change your pin number. 1234 ain't cutting it anymore.

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