New Times Best Of Readers' Poll Voting Ends Next Week

If we ended our New Times Best Of Readers' Poll right now, Paul & Young Ron would walk away with Best Radio Personality by a landslide. That's after tons of early votes for 93 Rock jocks Erin Lee and John Spano, who appear to have lost out to the morning show.

Well, you've got one week left, dear readers, to vote for Best Radio Personality and all the rest of our Readers' Poll items. Voting ends at midnight May 26.

Click here for a master list of categories, or click on one of the links below for each Readers' Poll item:

Best Album Store

Best Dance Club

Best Bar in Broward County

Best Actor

Best Artist

Best Pizza

Best Band

Best Theater Company

Best Bar in Palm Beach County

Best Hair Stylist

Best Radio Personality

Best Club DJ

Best Museum

Best Hamburger

Best Restaurant in Broward

Best Local Album

Best Boutique

Best Restaurant in Palm Beach

Best Sex Toy Shop

Best Local Hip-Hop Artist

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