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New York Times Suddenly Realizes That Allen West Is a Star

Big institutions are sometimes a little slow on the uptake. It took until 1992 for the Vatican to recognize its mistake re: Galileo. Blockbuster Video didn't think to start renting movies online until NetFlix was 5 years old. Success, it seems, makes us sluggish.

So were my thoughts upon reading the headline in Thursday's New York Times: "Conservative Congressman's Star Power Extends Beyond Florida District."

Well, shah!

C'mon, New York Times! Get with it! Allen West is the hottest thing since Tsar Bomba! He's the freshest thing since Barack Obama Ron Paul Howard Dean Sarah Palin ever! He's the craziest, daringest, speaking-his-mindest politico since Teddy Roosevelt! He's on fire! And he has been for months!

The Times piece, written by Jennifer Steinhauer, briefly traces West's career, mentions his impressive fundraising (almost half a mil for his reelection campaign already), and remarks almost affectionately on his penchant for what she calls his "incendiary remarks." It's a nice overview and probably quite informative if you happen to be the one guy in deepest Appalachia with no access to television, the internet, or other people but somehow maintain a subscription to the New York Times.

The Times story is a little out of the gate, is what I'm saying, but I hope it brings a smile to West's face anyway. He's been a star for a while, but now that the Paper of Record says so, it's official.

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