Newer Times

Well, it looks like it if this is any indication. And remember, if you want to be editor of New Times, you have to be able to edit and write. Not just one or the other. I can't stress that enough, people.

Our current chief, Robert Meyerowitz, will be departing in about a month and is likely heading back to his beloved Alaska. I'll have more on that later, but the Pulp certainly wishes him all the best after his year seeing to our award-winning staff (hey, it says so in the ad, so it must be true).

I'm a bit tardy with this news. In fact, I've terribly neglected all of Pulp readers lately, and I'm terribly sorry for it. I've been busy with my day job and I got this nagging cold thing that has me more sick of being sick than I am actually sick (some of you know exactly what I mean). Oh, and the New Times has shrunk. It looks more like a -- gag -- magazine now. It's all part of a new design (a design to save the company some money, I believe).

While we're shrinking, the Sentinel is softening. More on that later, too, but I'll leave you with this little screen capture courtesy of Cal Deal. His caption: "And the most important story in the world is ..."

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