News Judgment? We Don't Need No Stinking ...

Ah, the circuitous route a good article can take to finally make its way into the lackadaisical dailies. In this case, the story concerns the possible connection between dead cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer and the Adam Walsh murder and it was published in the Daily Business Review a couple of months ago (unfortunately I can't link it because DBR is like that).

But the Pulp picked up the freelance piece by true crime writer and freelancer Arthur Jay Harris back on December 7 (if you click, you get the gist of the evidence Harris found). It's a vastly intriguing and exceedingly well-researched story and I couldn't help but be surprised that the Sun-Sentinel and Miami Herald completely ignored it after it was published by DBR (I'm told they also turned Harris down when he was shopping

the story several months ago).

Well, recently a TV station in Milwaukee (Dahmer's main hunting ground) picked up on it. Then the Associated Press followed it. And NOW it's finally made its way to the Sun-Sentinel website. The Herald, in a huge coup, beat the Sentinel to the punch, publishing this on the website Friday.

The lede:

"MILWAUKEE -- The FBI agent assigned to investigate cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer's horrendous murders and other crimes believes a possible connection to the murder of Adam Walsh in 1981 should be re-examined.

WISN-TV reports there are new questions about Dahmer's criminal history in South Florida before he returned to Milwaukee. The questions are raised in a new book by Miami author Arthur Jay Harris. He started looking at the Walsh case after a legal ruling opened the 10,000-page Walsh file to the public."

[Okay, the Dahmer/Walsh story is on CNN at this very moment (2:15 p.m.) It's getting large.]

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