Newsflash: Broward Prosecutors Get Pay Cut

From sources: State Attorney Michael Satz just called a staff meeting during which he told all the prosecutors that the SAO is working under a budgetary shortfall and that, rather than cut 20 jobs, all prosecutors in the office will lose nine days of pay over the next year. To put that into math that I can understand, that amounts to an $1800 pay cut for a prosecutor making $52,000.

The prosecutors are losing five paid holidays and are being forced to take an unpaid Friday during the months of November, March, May, and June. They don't have to work those days, either.

The news was greeted with glum faces and general dissatisfaction, as prosecutors already complain they are overworked and underpaid. Dockets will likely only get more backed up, cases will face further delays, etc. More than 40 positions remain unfilled, according to sources, and most assistant state attorneys are taking work home with them on nights and weekends.

Also: Poynter is reporting that former Miami Herald reporter Tania deLuzuriaga has resigned from the Boston Globe following the scandal involving an alleged affair with Miami school official Albert Carvalho.

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