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Newspablum And A Report From St. Paul

Here's what the Sun-Sentinel reduces the election to in its poll question:

What did you think of vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's speech at the RNC?

It was fantastic, she hit it out of the park and showed that she would make a wonderful VP (1115 responses) 52.0%

It was terrible, she came off as smug and didn't prove she would make a good VP (1030 responses) 48.0%

2145 total responses

Yes either it was fantastic or it was terrible and either she proved she would make a wonderful VP or not. Now I have a poll question:

What did you think of the Sun-Sentinel poll question about the Sarah Palin speech?

It only encourages idiocy and does a great disservice to the democracy. (Of course it does).

It proves that the Sentinel's website is run by swine. (That too).

1 total response

In addition to running the poll, I spoke with Scott Rothstein, the Republican lawyer from Fort Lauderdale who is serving as a delegate at the convention. Rothstein is hanging out with his buddy and partner Roger Stone, the famed Republican political operative who designed the ad campaign against sheriff's candidate Scott Israel.

"Roger's like a rock star here," Rothstein told me. "He can go ten feet without someone yelling his name and asking for a picture with him. It's unbelievable. He's been on all the local TV stations."

Rothstein -- who is a good friend and fundraiser of Charlie Crist and is an "Innovator" for John McCain, whom he says he's raised more than a million dollars for -- isn't small potatoes. He said he's part of a small group who is having lunch with Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin today (will update later).

"This is great," he said of the convention. "You have to be here to understand what's really happening. It's over. The Democrats don't stand a chance. They won't know what hit them."

But it hasn't been all fun -- the protesters have bugged him a little bit. He said one of them accosted him on the street.

"He told me that unless I found Jesus immediately I would go to hell," Rothstein recalled. "He said I was a fat cat in a fancy suit smoking a cigar."

Rothstein laughed.

"I was just walking down the street smoking a cigar," he said.

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