Nick O'Leary, FSU Tight End, Survived Horrifying Motorcycle Accident

Florida State junior tight end Nick O'Leary survived a horrifying motorcycle accident back on May 2, and video of the crash has been obtained by TomahawkNation.com.

The video shows O'Leary's motorcycle crashing into a Lexus that pulls out in front of him at the last minute. His body is thrown clear of the motorcycle, as the bike smashes into several pieces and shatters the windshield of the metrobus where the camera that catches the accident is mounted.

The video also shows a young kid witnessing the crash and nearly being struck by flying debris from the obliterated motorcycle.

Miraculously, although O'Leary slid about 100 feet after flying off his bike, he was still able to get up and walk away on his own.

He was taken to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and treated for minor injuries.

O'Leary needed about a month to recover before getting back to football activities.

"He looks very good," head coach Jimbo Fisher told the media this week. "He wrecked that dadgum scooter. He was banged up for about a month, the knucklehead. That's another thing that's my pain in the rear end. But I understand why they have them. If I was them, I would have had one too. I'm not arguing that."

O'Leary, who was a star player at Dwyer High, is also the grandson of golf legend Jack Nicklaus.

O'Leary caught 21 passes for 252 yards and three touchdowns last season and is expected to play this season.

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