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Nicole Sandler Arrested for Heckling at Allen West Town Hall, Says She Was Maced in Jail (UPDATED with BSO Report)

Read on for the BSO report of what happened in the jail.

On Tuesday night, Allen West held a "town hall" event in Fort Lauderdale, at which he took only preapproved questions. He got started by complaining about bloggers who want to "skin him alive," then got held up by a man screaming "What about ballots and bullets?" then... well, watch for yourself:

The questioner/heckler was Nicole Sandler, who

used to host an Air America radio show and now, in the wake of the network's demise, continues her stalwart efforts at Sandler claims that after she was booked in jail by BSO, she was eventually Maced.

On an MSNBC segment last night hosted by Cenk Uygur (video is not available), Sandler said that she complained to a jail officer and was eventually put into "solitary confinement." She said she repeatedly asked the guard if she could be released, and he didn't agree. When he stepped away for a second, Sandler says, she exited the jail cell and promptly received a face full of Mace.

Which seems pretty reasonable, if sloppy, from a guarding-prisoners point of view. Surely everyone in uniform (including West, in his crisp don't-fuck-with-me suit) just wanted her to shut up and meekly accept her fate as a constituent in West's 22nd Congressional District.

West opened his speech with a paean to those who had built him up by trying to bring him down: the bloggers, the campaign missteps, the -- gasp! -- protesters. With every attack against him, he stands a little straighter, acts a little more righteous. People tried to agitate on Tuesday night, but to the 90 percent of people who sat in the "town hall" with their mouths shut, his ignorance of these shouted missives seems positively heroic.

UPDATE AT 11:56 a.m.: BSO has sent over the description of Sandler's protestations in the jail and the use of pepper spray by jail deputy Bevin England:

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