Nicole Sandler Won't Be Prosecuted for Doing Allen West's Bidding

Nicole Sandler won't admit it, but she and Allen West are simpatico.

I know it sounds silly. She was once a host on the lefty radio network Air America, and she still hosts a pleasingly pink internet radio show called Radio or Not, which you may listen to here.

And yes, it's true: The cops dragged Sandler out of one of West's town hall meetings last month when she wouldn't stop interrupting the congressman with increasingly angry queries about Medicare. And yes, Sandler then cursed out a cop and spent a very unpleasant night in jail.

But it was all a little unfair, and now it seems somebody's recognized it. Friday morning, news emerged from the desk of city prosecutor Scott Walker that Fort Lauderdale would "decline to prosecute" Sandler.

And really, was any other conclusion imaginable? It's not like Nicole Sandler actually tried to hurt Congressman West. She just interrupted him and in doing so paid him one of the nicer tributes he's received in office.

For didn't Allen West's star rise after he gave a stirring speech last spring about the American Revolution? "Patriots got together in taverns," he explained, and in "houses, along rivers and creeks" and gave voice to their anger. And didn't he exhort modern Americans to follow their example, to "meet in places and start talking about restoring our liberty and fighting back against a tyrannical government"?

I think he did! And he didn't stop there! "This is what America's about," he explained:

If we're not willing to take a stand right now and take this country back... then you're complicit. It is your fault, it's your fault, it's your fault... You better get your butts out there and understand this is a fight, and you better be willing to fight for this country. The United States of America was founded by the original insurgents... [and] now we've got to come back and do it again... If you're here to shrink away from the duties, there's the door. Get out. But if you're here to stand up, to get your musket, to fix your bayonet, and to charge into the ranks, you are my brother and sister in this fight.

Man, Nicole Sandler gets it. West must be proud.

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Brandon K. Thorp