Nine Reasons Denver Broncos Fans Are the Worst

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9. Because They Rioted After They Won Their First Super Bowl After the Broncos beat the Packers to win Super Bowl XXXII in 1998, 10,000 fans decided that flipping over cars and starting bonfires in the street was the best way to go about celebrating. This led to looting and eventually forced police to disperse crowds with tear gas. After getting their ass kicked last year in the Super Bowl, there were a different kind of tears flowing (more on that later).

8. Because They're Ridiculously Sensitive When a Play-by-Play Guy Says Anything Remotely Good About the Other Team Every fan base tends to get annoyed with a play-by-play or color man every now and then. They can sound biased when they're simply just giving credit to the other team. But Broncos fans have taken that annoyance to mile-high proportions by angrily jumping into chat sites and bitching about how the announcers don't love their stupid team.

To wit:

After back-to-back Broncos games on NBC's Sunday Night Football, many Denver fans have become not just irritated but irate with Collinsworth.

"Comments and tweets complaining about Collinsworth have been rampant at Mile High Report the past two weeks," said Kyle Montgomery, who helps run the Broncos fan site. "Fans are definitely noting a sense of bias, and it is hard to ignore."


"Take an example in the Chiefs game," he said. "Kansas City was down three scores in the fourth quarter, trying to drive to bring the game close, but they were ultimately forced to punt. Collinsworth called it a 'win' for the Chiefs offense because they kept Peyton Manning off the field; Collinsworth gave little or no credit to the Broncos defense for making a critical stop -- or Broncos fans don't remember it.

It is that type of positive commentary toward Broncos' opponents, even when the outcome is negative, that fans are getting tired of, especially when the same positive commentary doesn't seem to be returned in kind toward the Broncos."

Jesus. Get a grip, you insensitive assholes.

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