No Charges in Blanche Ely Holy Water Case, but Attorneys Considering Counterattack

The Florida Department of Children and Families has terminated its investigation into allegations that two teachers at Blanche Ely High School in Pompano Beach made traumatizing remarks to students during a classroom discussion in March, according to a report in the South Florida Times.

The incident started with a claim by an atheist teacher that two fellow Blanche Ely teachers, Djuna Robinson and Leslie Rainier, harassed her by sprinkling what she said was holy water at her. No sooner was that complaint by Schandra Rodriguez dismissed but a new one surfaced in which Robinson and Rainier were accused of making Haitian students stand by the trash to
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symbolize the Haitian culture. A DCF spokesman told the Times that an investigation did not substantiate that claim.

But it's not quite over. Johnny McCray Jr., an attorney for one of the accused teachers, is asking the Broward State Attorney's Office to bring charges against Rodriguez for allegedly filing a false report. That might be stretch, but don't be surprised if this case jumps into the civil arena.

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