No Jail Can Hold Her: Lake Worth Native Escapes From Old-Timey Central Florida Cell

Amazingly, the Amazing Cindini is still in the jail-breaking business. The video above shows photos from her 2006 escape from Sing Sing. In 2000, this paper wrote an article about her dual identity: Cynthia Morrison, operator of a foreign car repair shop in West Palm during the week; the Amazing Cindini during the weekend.

This past weekend, Morrison dared the kind people of Mount Dora, north of Orlando, to imprison her in its old jail, which had been converted to a museum. From Leesburg's Daily Commercial:

She was put in a straitjacket, manacled, and placed inside the last remaining cell at the Old Jail inside the Mount Dora Historical Society. Fifteen minutes later, she was a free woman -- which was about five minutes longer than she anticipated.

"I thought I'd be a lot faster," Cindini said. "It was extremely difficult to reach the lock because the doors are designed that way. So I have a big honkin' bruise on the inside of my right arm because of it. But, of course, it was well worth it."

The event raised money for the historical society, which is on a fund drive to pay for renovations to the building.

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