No Marlins Players Showed Up to Event That Promised Fans They'd Meet Marlins Players

The Miami Marlins refuse to stop letting their fans down in the most egregious ways imaginable.

The Fish — fresh off their deciding to hire a guy with zero professional coaching experience to be their manager, and right smack in the middle of a seven-game losing streak — held a charity event that promised fans they'd be hobnobbing with players and then failed to have a single player show up.

Marlins players not coming through is par for the course with this team, but fans who showed up to Thursday night's Fish-N-Chips annual event were promised players would be there.

To wit:

The screenshot above tells us two things:

1. People had to pay up to $175 to attend and
2. The event promised they'd "rub elbows with your favorite Marlins players, coaches and alumni."

As it turns out, people who attended ended up rubbing elbows with neither players, nor coaches. But, most importantly, players. 

Add this to the ever growing list of embarrassments that make up the Miami Marlins.

According to the team, players showing up to the event isn't mandatory. So it's not like any players broke any rules. They just all decided not to show up. And that's understandable, especially when you're mired in a losing-streak and your new boss never played at your level but is telling you what to do.

It's so Marlins to promise things to people forking over big money and then not being completely truthful about said-promises.

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