No More Taxes on (Almost) All Things Fancy

If that looks like your shopping list then, well, thank you, good sir, for generous contributions to the State of Florida, but you probably should have waited till after the legislative session. A bill recently passed by the House Finance and Tax Council would remove sales taxes on yachts and private jets but add it to magazine subscriptions.

Should that bill become law, then you can buy this "giga-yacht" and save $30 million in taxes. Hey, that's enough for another yacht!

On the other hand, if you're close to pulling the trigger on a Cat Fancy subscription, act now because otherwise you might have to pay sales tax on the $15 yearly rate. That's an extra 90 cents!

Enraged cat fanciers are invited to write lengthy letters of objection to the council's chair, Fort Lauderdale state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, whose email and mailing address can be found here. Remember to attach plenty of adorable cat photos so she can see the faces (and whiskers!!) of her victims.

The bill would also create two sales-tax holidays.

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