No, Not Another #$#^*[email protected]! Password. (And BECON Must Die.)

I'm on the beach this week and have Comcast instead of my usual satellite and have been exposed to BECON-TV, the Broward School Board's channel. It stands for Broward Education Communications Network, and it's bad education programming combined with county and School Board public relations tripe. It reeks of state-sponsored media (which it is, of course), what you might imagine Czech Republic programming was like before the wall was torn down. How in the hell can the school district even try to justify laying off school teachers when it is spending millions of tax dollars on this dreck? Start the rallying cry: BECON must die. 

Trying to cleanse my brain of that crap, I went to the Miami Herald website this morning, and it wouldn't let me in this morning unless I registered (again). I decided not to. I have no room left right now in my head or the world for another password. But they got me. I'll succumb soon enough, by necessity. Ah, the key to readership. It just can't be good or entertaining. People need to need it. And I know at some point, I'm gonna need what the Herald's got no matter how long I try to hold out. Yeah, they got me.  

Speaking of the Herald, here's a post from Gawker on Executive Editor Anders Gyllenhaal's famous extended family. It's sort of interesting.  

And godspeed Neil Rogers. I never really listened to him much, but I liked that he often talked about being gay and about pot.

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