No Roof Left Behind To Give Free Roof to Broward Homeowner

Food and shelter are basic human essentials that are often taken for granted. But not everyone is fortunate enough to afford a safe place.

In hurricane-prone South Florida, the area is fraught with roof damage. And the cost of repairs leave some living in shoddy conditions -- with a leaky roof and cracked ceilings -- which left damaged, poses serious threats. The upcoming hurricane season starts on June 1st.

But where there's despair, there's hope. No Roof Left Behind (NRLB), a national charitable program, has been assisting struggling homeowners since 2009. The program is open to homeowners in need who are not behind on their mortgage payments. A series of nominees are selected from the applicant pool. From there, the selected individual/families post their personal stories on NRLB's website seeking votes. Voting ends on May 31st, and the winners are announced on June 6.

In Broward County, the Hollywood company Earl W. Johnston Roofing, Inc. is in on the community outreach program. Co-owner Lynne Johnston, Earl's wife, says this is their first year participating and they had a hard time narrowing the nominees down to four finalists.

"We have a single mom with two jobs, who goes to school," says Johnston of one of the nominees. "She gets no child support and lives in a modest home in Fort Lauderdale. Her roof is leaking badly."

So far, Johnston's four nominees have received 2,200 votes.

She says to put on a new roof on a moderate size 2,900-square-foot home would cost around $14,000 to $20,000. That's a steep figure! Once the Broward winner is selected on June 6, the crew will head over to tear off the roof and replace it, kicking off an installation celebration on June 21.

"Your roof is so important because it covers everything. It's your umbrella," she says. "Imagine if your roof had a hole in it and it's raining, it would pour down all over your computer, your furniture, destroying everything."

Giving back to the community has elicited such positive vibes at the Johnston's company that they intend to participate in the upcoming round in November. Those in need of home improvement can enter through this website, and previous applicants are allowed to reapply.

To cast your vote and read up on the finalists click here. A friend in need, is a friend indeed.

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