No Speech For Cop Killer?

This came into the New Times about this morning's Sun-Sentinel story on cop killer Michael Mazza:

DATE/TIME: December 18, 2007, 3:12 am MST

SUBJECT: Sentinel

LETTER: As a former S-S staffer, I would love to read DeGroot's take on the miserable story in today's paper about Michael Mazza discussing why he killed the sheriff's deputy.

* The guy already murdered the deputy. Now you're allowing this nut job the opportunity to murder his memory by publishing his undisputed claims.

* Big deal, you have the damn videotape of his interrogation! In the rush to be first, is the S-S really practicing responsible journalism?

* Doesn't the publication of this story, and the posting of the taped interrogation, taint the possible jury pool for this guy? At least have some legal experts quoted in the story discussing this.

* This is a perfect example of rushing to be first without doing a thorough and responsible journalistic job.


Yeah, I'd like to hear DeGroot's take, too. I, for one, don't agree with Sentinel Sam in the least. I think it was an interesting story by Tonya Alanez that needed to be told. Of course every reader has to bring their own skepticism to what this degenerate criminal says, but it's news any way you look at it. I notice, though, that the comments feature has been disabled and the link to the video of Mazza's confession didn't work. Could the Sentinel be buckling under the pressure?

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