Norman Exposure

I have been labeled "The Man You Love To Hate" in this month's issue of Las Olas Magazine. And by "you," I think they really mean the core journalistic crew who read the Pulp. Hey it's a fair article, mostly positive, full of nice quotes from friends and colleagues, but I can't post it because it's not on the Internet (just as Bernard McCormick's article in Gold Coast Magazine on New Times wasn't electronically available a couple months ago).

A couple of things to clear up regarding the article. First, about the author, Linda Marx. Those of you who regularly read the Pulp and New Times might remember Marx from a story I did last year where I basically accused her of, um,

borrowing an article from the Palm Beach Post for Boca Raton Magazine. Marx wasn't thrilled with that story, but I guess she thought it was fair. And it was: I pointed out that the kind of magazines for which Marx has written (including People) routinely do what happened in that case, only this time there was a quite appropriate objection. Anyway, several months after my column was published, she called about doing a feature on me after she spoke with reporter friends of hers about this here blog. I thought she might savage me in retaliation, but hell, I didn't care. I'm tough enough. She gave me an interview when I wrote about her, after all.

And Marx definitely got a good interview out of me (I know this because I winced at several of my own quotes). And I found out she was married to the late Jack Cole, a veritable legend in the South Florida radio market. My only real quibble with the article is that there's an emphasis about how I like to rake reporters over the coals (hence the "hate" thing). The fact is I like to rake bloated corporate newspapers over the coals and pretty much leave the reporters alone (except for a few choice columnists). As the article makes clear, I know the constraints reporters at the Gannetts and Tribunes and McClatchy's work under first-hand. But that's a perceptual thing more than anything else I suppose, and other (wrongheaded) people might argue me on the point.

Overall, like I said, it was fair. And if you haven't read Las Olas Mag, you might want to keep an eye on it. Edited by South Florida journalism veteran Lori Capullo Lawrence, it now lists one "Jim DeFede" as senior editor and he writes a column at the back of the book. I've heard of that guy before somewhere. It also lists a strong stable of writers, including NT alums Jen Karetnick and Kirk Nielsen. Unfortunately, sources tell me that its sister publication in Miami, Lincoln Road Magazine, was shut down during the past ten days after investors pulled the plug (some say before it really had a chance). Apparently LOM, however, has performed better than LRM, so it's still on the upswing. May it swing on.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.