Norman: "I Love Joe Rose"

That's right, I'm a fan of the Rose man again. The guy does know his football -- and let's face it, between him and Jimmy F-ing Cefalo, who do you take? Joe all the way, no doubt. He says he's a new man, and even if he's being sarcastic, I'm taking his words at face value. The Pulp has done its work here. The point was to call him out on the idiotic things he was saying and make sure he heard me. He heard me.

So I'm done writing about it. The truth is I was finished writing about the Rose thing a couple weeks ago. I never felt comfortable with the subject to tell you the truth; a journalist (and despite the ramblings on this thing, I am still a damn journalist, aren't I?) always has qualms when he's taking off on free expression. But Rose is an official figure and when he starts spewing idiotic racially tainted garbage, he's not just bringing down the Dolphins or NBC, he's demeaning us all.

But it wasn't a crime; it wasn't unforgivable. And I'm done with it and back on the Rose bandwagon. Like I say, the subject never would have cropped up again had it not been for Imus and, more specifically, Sid Rosenberg. And, for the record, I don't love Rosenberg. I listened him today on the radio for the first time and it seems that when he's not picking on some of the most vulnerable people in our society, he's sucking

up to professional athletes and Miami Herald reporters (like his "best buddy" Armando Salguero). Classic bully. Look at his victims: minorities, Palestinians, and cancer victims (no matter what The Ticket's Alan T. Brown says, I didn't make this stuff up). I'd like to take get a shot at him in the ring (or other dignified setting, like a back alley). Yeah, I'd actually like to kick his ass in the physical sense. I give that guy no quarter, no quarter at all.

Okay, now last thing. The good folks at the Miami Herald (and to a lesser extent, the Sun-Sentinel) proved they can be cowardly little brown-nosers, too. By failing to point out to readers that Rosenberg was involved in the doomed conversation with Imus and actually contributed to it by calling the Rutgers players a "tough watch" who look like the Toronto Raptors, combined with his ugly history in the business, was a must-do story. They didn't because Rosenberg, and 790 The Ticket, caters to their reporters and promotes their product. It's that simple.

Where are you, Gyllenhaal?

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