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Not Sly's Brother, Technically, But He Might Have Cleaned Sly's Pool Once

Sylvester Stallone has only one brother, thank God, and that's the incomparable Frank Stallone, seen above in the video for that song he did for the John Travolta leotard movie.

But this morning, the Juice received a media release about energy-saving pool technologies endorsed by some of the region's pool equipment suppliers -- "such as Tommy Stallone's (brother to Sylvester) Atlantic Pool."

There's another Stallone boy? And he's here in South Florida? Among us mere mortals?

"That's my understanding," said the PR flak who we called for confirmation.

Unfortunately, it's our understanding that Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone's only brother is Frank. He has a half-brother named Dante. The Tommy Stallone who runs Atlantic Pools is brothers with the slightly less famous Robert and James Stallone, who run the Boca-based chain Stallones Italian Kitchen.

Still, there were a few minutes of Stallone-induced excitement in this newsroom, and for that we feel we owe it to the marketing company to tell you that

The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates that the average Florida home could save $700 a year in electricity costs by simply changing over some of its pool equipment, that's the same difference as between an Energy Star home and a standard construction one.
We should also add that Tommy Stallone's Atlantic Pool, plus Ori Spado's Pooltek of the Palm Beaches
are working with solar, geothermal, salt-chlorine, iPhone Aps, LED lights and other innovative technologies, such new variable speed pool pump that uses hybrid car technology to cut energy use by up to 90 percent, plus local pool owners.

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Thomas Francis